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"The Sheer White whitening strips are excellent. Once you place the strips on your teeth you don't even notice them. They stay in place and have a very mild minty taste. I wore them to sleep at night and had no problems whatsoever. Really good product with a good value for the results."
Jean C.

"Great product! I purchased this same kit from my dentist at TWICE the price. Kit must be refrigerated and is fairly easy to apply (I needed to watch a you tube video before). This is actually the third kit purchased for my family. And yes, my teeth were noticeably whiter."
Debra L.

"Love the strips... I wear them while I sleep and wake up with amazing results! This is the 2nd time I have purchased them and will do so again."
Sarah O.

"I have tried several teeth whitening kits, including ones that can only be dispensed to dentists due to the high percentage of peroxide. Sheer White is the best, and I like the fact that you can wear them at night. My suggestion for those reviewers that did not have good results--make sure you get your teeth cleaned by your dentist first, then try these strips. I also want to tell you that my teeth are not naturally yellow but whitish anyway-however, I love wine and coffee, and these 2 beverages do tend to stain your teeth between regular cleanings from the dentist. I will continue to this product!"
R. Silver